Wedding Invitation Wording Samples Bride and Groom Inviting

This is a wedding invitations Wording samples that very common we get on the internet with the Bride and Groom inviting. Perhaps due to the hosting of the event is Bride and Groom, so in this wedding invitation does not include the names of each parent. Of course,  if we include the names of parents, the invitation will be too long and less efficient.

wedding invitation wording samples

wedding invitation wording samples

If we look carefully, the structure of a wedding invitation above is as follows:

wedding invitation wording structure

wedding invitation wording structure

To facilitate you in using this sample Wording wedding invitations, here I provide a wedding invitation templates from the image above:

Together with their parents

Caroline Oliver
Thomas White

Request the honorable of your presence
at their marriage
on Saturday, the twenty fifth of November
two thousand twelve
at two o'clock in the afternoon

Grand Hotel Plaza
749 HallPass Road
Cross Creek, Arizona

In addition, I will give one more wedding invitations Wording samples:

There are many pleasures we have been through together,
therefore, we
Caroline Diaz
Daniel Catwright
together with our parents,
Together with our parents,
inviting you in
our wedding
on Saturday, the fifth of July
two thousand twelve
at four o'clock in the afternoon
Grand Palace Hotel
1284 Smaal Road
Brooklyn, New York

Here are some ‘rules’ that we usually get when writing wedding invitations.

  •  The bride was written first,
  • Writing of the wedding sequence is as follows
  1. wedding date
  2. hours of wedding
  3. wedding venue
  •  Date and time are written with letters, not numbers
  •  Date and time written without capital, except in the name of the month.

You may notice, that I give quotes on the word ‘rule’ in the inscription above. This is because until this article was written, I have not found the official rules about writing wedding invitation wording. Of course, IF the rules of writing wedding invitations wording were exists.