Wedding Invitations Wording Samples

Making your own wedding invitation, for some people may be easy. But for others this could be a very difficult job. If you want to make your own wedding invitation, this site provides a wedding invitations Wording samples to simplify your work.

wedding invitation wording sample

wedding invitation wording sample


Please select Wording wedding invitation samples to suit your wedding. Since you only replace the parts that are critical of the wedding invitations Wording samples available on this site.

Hey, easy huh? Right you are, you just copy-paste Wording wedding invitations samples below and change the name, date, and place to suit your event.

Wedding invitation wording samples – from the couple themselves

Celebrating Our Love

Robert Taylor


Hillary Watson

at three o’clock in the afternoon

Saturday, the Sixteenth of June

two thousand and twelve

at The Victoria Park

879875 Boulevard Road

Atlantic City, New Jersey

You are invited to share

in the joy of our wedding





Wedding invitation wording samples – from the couple themselves (option 2)

We invite you to join us

in celebrating our love

Joan Ohara


Roberto Diaz

on Saturday, the fifth of August

two thousand and twelve

at two o’clock in the afternoon

98795 Moon Settlers Road

Memphis, TN


RSVP: (123)456-7890


Wedding invitation wording samples – from parents of the Bride

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Bond

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Jessica Bond


Mr. John Renogade

on Saturday, the sixth of July

two thousand and twelve

at six o’clock in the evening

265 Main Street

Big Sky, Montana


RSVP: (123)456-7890

I realize the wedding invitations wording samples above is not enough to cover all types of wedding invitation held by everyone. But that was the moment this makes me want to continue to add to the collection wedding invitation wording samples at this site. Hopefully those wedding invitations wording samples useful to you.