Wedding Words, Parents Inviting

This is an example of wedding invitations wording with parents inviting.


The Wedding
(Fourth Son of Mr. Kwok Aripin & Mrs. Mary Lisnawati
Youngest Daughter of Mr. Yu Yau Hui & Mrs. Lie Hong Tjoe

Wedding Reception
Saturday January 16th, 2010
at 19.00 WIB
Hotel Astika
Jl. Manga Besar Raya No. 76 Jakarta Indonesia


From wedding invitations wording above, we can make the wedding invitations design as follows:

wedding invitations parents invite

wedding invitations with parents inviting

That’s it? No. Following, I share other examples of wedding invitation with the words parents inviting.

wedding invitations parents iviting

wedding invitations parents iviting

Thank you, Lord for the love we share,
for bringing us together in shelter of Your care, for kindness, patience,
gentleness to help us live as one, and for Your presence always
in the life we’ve just begun.

Dimo Cindhe Purwatari
The Daughter of Mr. Tri Padma Pujiantara
& Mrs. Purwantini


Petrus Kristiawan Budi Santosa
The Son of Mr. Andreas Yoseph Kasmin WA
& Mrs. Juliana Maria Sukarni

Wedding Reception :
Sunday, Juni 19 , 2011
at11.00 am – 13.00 pm
Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.73

Our happiness will be more complete with your presence and prayers in this celebration of love
Sincerely yours

Family of Tri Padma Pujiantara Family of Andreas Yoseph Kasmin WA
Cindhe and Petrus

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