Islamic Wedding Invitation Design

This is one of wedding invitation that I got from my friend some time ago. Unfortunately, I recently had to reviewabout this after this Islamic wedding invitation submerged in water. So there are some details that may be missed. But I keep trying to make this  Islamic wedding invitation design is still good in pictures. Because I hope that this review helpful to us all. As you may already know, this is a themed wedding invitations Islamic. Characteristics of this Islamicwedding invitations are as follows;  it  use the dominant color of green. The use of green as the dominant color makes the printing process becomes more economical, because it requires no additional other color. There are ornaments shaped Arabic calligraphy writing. I am sure that oranmen calligraphy isan excerpt from the verses of Holy Koran. This Islamic wedding invitation design using fillers in the form of ornaments plant, one characteristic of Islamic ornaments, to avoid any animal-shaped ornament. The patch is placed on behalf of the invited guests arerestricted to the border area shaped like a dome, one characteristic of other Islamic buildings. In general,Islamic wedding invitation design is quite nice. Even so,the cost of making these Islamic wedding invitationscan be very cheap. Therefore, I believe it could get atitle as a cheap wedding invitations beside of islamic wedding invitations design. kerala muslim wedding invitation wordings (54), kerala muslim marriage invitation english (29)