Wedding Invitations Wording

Wedding Invitations Wording is the content of the wedding invitation that will we give to our prospective guests. Wedding Invitations Wording also could mean the text or the words of the wedding invitation. Choosing suitable Wedding Invitations Wording is sometimes very important, because the wedding invitation is the first thing people know about the wedding that we hold. And consciously or not, wedding invitations could be the first impression for someone on the marriage of the person who invited him. First impressions are sometimes so powerful that some people might think that the first impression can determine the next impression. If the first impression is good then the opportunity to form an overall impression of being good, to be larger. And unfortunately, the first impression this can only happen once. So you may need to think carefully in choosing Wedding Invitations Wording in your marriage. Wedding Invitations Wording could be a reflection or expression of the hearts of people inviting to guests. The contents of the wedding invitation is certainly diverse, given the habit and politeness in every region of the world is different. There short Wedding Invitations Wording and long Wedding Invitations Wording. There a formal Wedding Invitations Wording, some are casual. The things that affect the content of these wedding invitations are as follows: The first is: Who is invited. “Who invited” here also means anyone who can hold the event. This is important, given the person who invited should be listed in the wedding invitations. Included in this is how North family conditions that invite. The point is that the parents of the groom or the bride if they are divorced, separated, remarried, widowed or other status. The second is “who is invited and how our relationship to that person”. This second factor that affects how our wedding invitation text. Simple as this: you might be able to use the language casual and informal, to invite your close friends, but you certainly can not do that to your boss, or say to the president. The morphology of Wedding Invitations Wording The Morphologi of a Wedding Invitations Wording, depending on the type Wedding Invitations Wording that we use. Do we use a long or short. If using a short (simple Wedding Invitations Wording), usually the morphology is as follows:
  • The name of the person who invited
  • The name of the person who invite
  • The words or phrases which confirms the invitation, such as ‘please join us’, ‘require your honorable presence’ etc
  • The name of the bride & groom
  • Detail the wedding, including wedding venue, the time of marriage, the wedding date
  • RSVP, if necessary
Wedding Invitations Wording Samples for short version is as follows:

Muhammad Asraf & Siti Maimunah

Invite you to join us

In celebrating of our wedding party on:

Saturday, 21th May 2010

At 8 o’clock in the evening

De Golden Cafe

Oude Berstaad 7

Amsterdam – Netherlands

Your Presence is our honor

Thank you,

Asraf & Maimunah

 and the wedding invitations designis like this:
wedding invitations wording samples
wedding invitations wording samples
As for the wedding invitations long format, the format may vary. Here is one example of the morphology of the long version Wedding Invitations Wording.
  • Gratitude
  • Quote scriptures
  • The words or a sentence which asserts the invitation
  • The name of the groom and the bride
  • Detail weddings
  • The name of person who invite
  • The names of those who contributed to invite
  • Other events associated
  • Prayer marriage
Wedding Invitations Wording Sample for long version is as follows:

In the Name of Allah SWT

the Most Beneficent,

the Most Merciful

Together with our parents, we

Umar Abdul Aziz

(son of Mr. Arif Salim and Mrs. Tuty Rahimah )


Aisya Al Muthoharoh

(daughter of Mr. Irfan Hakeem and Mrs. Maimunah)

request the honor of your presence

at our wedding ceremony

On Saturday, November, 30st 2013

At 10.00 a.m – 11.00 a.m

Venue : Masjid Al- Kareem Jakarta (main room)

It is an appreciation and happiness for us

if you can attend our sacred moment

to give a blessing pray for us

With Love,

Wahyu and Happy

and this is the wedding ivitations design:
wedding invitations wording samples
wedding invitations wording samples
You may wondering, why there is no such thing as the name of the person who invited. Because in the long version of wedding invitation, we usually place the guest name or the person we invite at the cover of the invitaions. Important things about Wedding Invitations Wording
  1. The name of the groom and bride
    • Write the name of the groom and the bride with the full name, not a nickname. And not a pseudonym :)
  2. Write with full event details
    • Details include a wedding ceremony, wedding time, and date of marriage
  3. Use correct spelling
    • Do not use ambiguous Wedding Invitations Wording . You want your guests come on the show, the place and right time. Not to confuse them.
  4. Use the appropriate courtesy title for your invited guests, such as Mr.., Mrs.., Ms., Miss
  5. If you decide to use Wedding Invitations Wording which simple and formal, you can use words such as:
    • request the honor of your presence
    • request for the pleasure of your company
    • presence to an invitation to Celebrate the couple’s Joyous Occasion
  6. As for the Wedding Invitations Wording which simple and relaxed, you can use words such as:
    • Pelase join us
Additional things in Wedding Invitations Wording
  1. Use the good script fonts to the header and use plain fonts for the content of wedding invitations
  2. Add a meaningful poem or quotes. The addition of meaningful poems or quotes that could add to the impression of your wedding invitations.
  3. Be careful in choosing the composition of colors, so that your wedding invitations do not look ridiculous.
Who should organizing Wedding Invitations Wording Anyone might be able to arrange Wedding Invitations Wording. Even you can also arrange Wedding Invitations Wording. The easiest way to arrange Wedding Invitations Wording, is to imitate others and apply Wedding Invitations Wording into your wedding invitations. In other words, you like using the WIT. With WIT you just change the details of the invitation, with details of your wedding. It is already mentioned above, include: the time of marriage, place of marriage, date of marriage, who held a wedding ceremony, and who is married. How to prepare Wedding Invitations Wording There are various ways in preparing Wedding Invitations Wording. You can use your own words. Maybe this is like writing poetry, you can use your language skills to arrange contents of your wedding invitations. Another option is to ask the help of friends, relatives, or contacts you in preparing your wedding invitations. Or you can use the example Wedding Invitations Wording at this site in preparing your wedding invitations for invitation wording for friends (1114), wedding invitation quotes for friends (683), marriage invitation quotes in english for friends (677), shadi card matter in hindi (641), hindu marriage cards matter in english (267), hindu marriage invitation wordings for friends (178), hindu wedding invitation wordings for friends from bride and groom (151), hindu marriage invitation card matter in hindi (144), wedding card wordings in english for friends (140), wedding invitation wording for friends from bride (136)